The Management of  the Demerara Habour Bridge Corporation hereby advises commuters effective January 2, 2020, the weight for all categories of vehicles will be reduced from 22.5 metric tons to 18 metric tons and special crossing from 25 to 22 metric tons.

Traffic Alerts

Retracting Procedures for Marine Vessels
traffic update
December 21 at
1:00 am

Marine Vessel Owners and Agents are hereby informed of the below mentioned procedures for transiting the retractor span:

All reservations/bookings for marine vessels must be made Via Email: or via WhatsApp 592-623-6145.

Bookings must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the requested retraction time.

Customers are asked to fill out an official paid-in-advance form to be submitted to DHBC immediately after payment is made.

Payments can be made at the DHBC Finance Department from 08:00hrs-16:30hrs.

Download paid-in-advance form.

Special Crossings for Lorries, Heavy-duty Vehicles, Heavy-duty Machinery
traffic update
December 18 at
8:00 pm

Normal Crossings are for vehicles within the weight of 3,500kg to 18,000kg (3.5-18 metric tons)

Restricted Crossings are for vehicles within the weight of 18,100kg to 20,000kg (18.1-20.0 metric tons). These are conducted during the off-peak period or low-traffic demand hours (10:30 hrs-12:30 hrs).

Special Crossings are for vehicles exceeding 20,100kg or 20.1 metric tons.

Noteworthy, effective December 11, 2023, all special crossings for Motor Lorries, Heavy-duty vehicles, and Heavy-duty machinery would be conducted between the period of 22:30 hrs to 04:00 hrs (10:30 pm-4:00 am).

Bookings for Restricted and Special crossings are to be made at least six (6) hours in advance.

For more information and bookings, kindly contact us by telephone: 592- 233-7008-10, 592-623-3511, or 592-623-3028.

No current traffic alerts
No current traffic alerts

Scheduled Closures

Today, 14 July
23:30hrs - 01:00hrs
Tuesday, 16 July
00:30hrs - 02:00hrs
Wednesday, 17 July
01:00hrs - 02:30hrs
Thursday, 18 July
02:00hrs - 03:30hrs
Friday, 19 July
02:30hrs - 04:00hrs
Saturday, 20 July
03:30hrs - 05:00hrs
Sunday, 21 July
04:30hrs - 06:00hrs
Monday, 22 July
04:00hrs - 05:30hrs


Vehicular Traffic

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Goods Vehicle

Motor Lorry/Large Bus

Heavy Duty Crossing
18+ to 22 tonnes

Marine Traffic

Ocean Going Vessels

Tugs and Barges

Coastal Vessels