Asphalt Plant

What has been lost in most commercial operations still thrives at DHBC Asphalt. With a growing customer base covering most of Guyana’s region, the DHBC Asphalt has stayed true to our core service lines, focusing primarily on the production of HMA Paving material.


To be the Guyana’s leading producer of road infrastructural material, providing our customers with the highest standards of quality, safety, and service.


To provide quality and cost effective road infrastructural materials that meet Guyana’s current and future needs through innovation and continuous quality improvement while safeguarding the environment, employees, and community within which we operate.

About Us


The road network continues to be the key to Guyana’s continuous development. Over the years, the government has taken initiatives to ensure the sustainability of this infrastructure by ensuring increased budgetary allocations towards the rehabilitation and maintenance of the nation’s roads.

In order to ensure that the works are executed in a proper manner the MPI through the T&HD was responsible for the management and operation of a plant that produces Asphaltic Concrete to minimum specification required for road works.

In the latter days of its operation, the T&HD was unable to reach its objective. As a result, the decision was taken by the Government in 2013 to transferred management and operation of the Asphalt plant to the DHBC. Under the DHBC management our operation transcended to become the number one Asphalt producer in Guyana and proved that the industry can be a profitable investment that is key to road development. From the revenue garnered, we have since expanded our operations which enables us to produce asphalt in regions that once seem impossible.


Currently, the asphalt plant produces 70% of Guyana’s hot mix asphalt with our two parallel flow drum mix asphalt plants namely:

  • DM50- is a continuous drum mix plant that produces an average of 50 TPH.
  • MDM25- a continuous drum mix plant that can produce asphalt in remote areas to develop the road infrastructure with an average production rate of 25 TPH.

Team Members

Rory Ramdas

Plant Manager
(592) 266-5229

Moonieraj Singh

Plant Superintendent (ag)
(592) 266-5229

Deodat Arjune

Finance Manager
(592) 266-5229



We mainly produce dense grade asphaltic concrete that confirm to Ministry of Public infrastructure standard requirements and specifications:

  • Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
    • Wearing Course #1 (WC 1)
    • Wearing Course #2 (WC 2)
    • Sand Asphalt
    • Sifting Asphalt
  • Cold Mix Asphalt – 22.5kg per bag manufactured in Trinidad & Tobago
    (to be used to full pot holes and also to do maintenance work on pavement)
  • Dry Sand for sand blasting

What is Asphaltic Concrete?

Asphaltic concrete is an engineered mixture of aggregate (stones and sand) with liquid asphalt cement (a petroleum product). Varying sizes of aggregates are heated, then mixed, in exact proportions, with asphalt cement that has been liquefied at about 300°F. While the mixture is still hot, it is delivered to your property and placed atop a prepared base or subgrade. Very soon after paving, the mixture cools and hardens so that you can drive and park on it right away.

What You Receive with our Hot Mix Asphalt?

You’ll recognize several benefits with the use of DHBC asphalt compared to others. Prior to and during the production of our Asphaltic Concrete, compliance testing and verification sampling and testing (VST) are performed to validate the quality of the procured raw materials, aggregates and all Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) designs produced. These various tests are carried out by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Quality Control Laboratory in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), testing standards and specifications.

Constituent Raw Materials and Sources

List of raw materials and their sources that were utilized for Asphaltic concrete Production.

  • White Sand – Linden Highway Sand Pits
  • ¼” minus Sifting (Crush Stone)- Toosile Persaud Ltd, Baracara Quarries Inc. & D.S.A.T
  • ½” minus Stone (Granite)- Toosile Persaud Ltd, Baracara Quarries Inc. & D.S.A.T
  • Mineral Filler (Cement, Calcine Dust) -BOSAI
  • Bitumen (60/70 Pen Grade) – Sol Guyana Inc. & Termco Tanks Inc.
  • Burner Fuel (Kerosene and Diesel) – Sol Guyana Inc.

Payment Options

  • Hot Mix Asphalt- $39,500 GYD per metric ton
  • Cold Mix Asphalt- $7,500 GYD per 22.5 Kg Bag
  • Dry Sand – $3,500 GYD per metric ton

Free Project Evaluations

DHBC Asphalt has been in business for over 5 years and our staff has well over 20 years of experience in the asphalt industry. This experience can only help you and your managers in assessing the possible solutions to your asphalt needs and budget. 
Our reliable service, expert attention to detail and competitive pricing has helped us build a long list of satisfied customers. We design all aspects of dense grade asphalt and replacement projects to your exact needs on time and on budget.
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