About the Bridge

Commissioned in July 1978, the Demerara Harbour Bridge is a major transportation link for Regions 3 and 4 and other out laying regions.  Sitting across the Demerara River, approximately 6km from the river’s mouth, spanning from Peter’s Hall to Meer Zorgen, the Demerara Harbour Bridge is 2.0km long and has 61 spans.  Being kept afloat by 114 pontoons, the bridge has a horizontal clearance at its retractor span of 77.4meters to accommodate marine vessels.  In addition, the bridge has a vertical clearance of 7.9meters and horizontal clearance of 32meters at its high span which facilitates small marine vessels.

From the date commissioned to present, the Demerara Harbour Bridge provides access for approximately 18,000 vehicles to transit between the east and west end daily, with a maximum vehicle tonnage of 22.4 tons.