Bridge Closure/Retractions

How long is retraction?

Please see scheduled retractions for more details.

What time is retraction?

Why is the bridge closed to vehicular traffic?

Check for scheduled closures or traffic alerts for updates

Bridge Limits/Usage

What is the speed limit of the Demerara Harbour Bridge?

32 km/h (20 mph)

What is the weight limit of the Demerara Harbour Bridge?

18 tonnes

(above 18 tonnes to 24 tonnes will be considered special crossing)

What is the opening and closing hours of the walkway?


What is the clearance of high span?

7.9 m

Bridge Tolls

What is the toll for my Vehicle?

View all Tolls

What are the Penalties for not paying or short paying the toll?

The fine for first offence is $20,000 for not paying the correct toll and second offence is $150,000

About the Bridge

What length is the Demerara Harbour Bridge?


How old is the bridge and when was it constructed?

Click here to learn more about the bridge

About DHBC

Who is the General Manager of the bridge

Mr. Wayne Watson

Who is the manager for the bridge?

Learn more about the manager and team for the bridge.

Are there any vacancies?

Please check current or upcoming opportunities

Marine Crossings

How can I book a marine transit?

To book a marine crossing, please contact the Shift Supervisor/Operator at 592 233 7008 ext 138

Special Crossings

How can I book a special crossing?

18-22 tonnes – $5000

22-24 tonnes -$20000

Contact the Shift Supervisor at 233 2008 ext 138 for more details.