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Retracting Procedures for Marine Vessels
traffic update
December 21 at
1:00 am

Marine Vessel Owners and Agents are hereby informed of the below mentioned procedures for transiting the retractor span:

All reservations/bookings for marine vessels must be made Via Email: or via WhatsApp 592-623-6145.

Bookings must be made no later than 24 hours prior to the requested retraction time.

Customers are asked to fill out an official paid-in-advance form to be submitted to DHBC immediately after payment is made.

Payments can be made at the DHBC Finance Department from 08:00hrs-16:30hrs.

Download paid-in-advance form.

Special Crossings for Lorries, Heavy-duty Vehicles, Heavy-duty Machinery
traffic update
December 18 at
8:00 pm

Normal Crossings are for vehicles within the weight of 3,500kg to 18,000kg (3.5-18 metric tons)

Restricted Crossings are for vehicles within the weight of 18,100kg to 20,000kg (18.1-20.0 metric tons). These are conducted during the off-peak period or low-traffic demand hours (10:30 hrs-12:30 hrs).

Special Crossings are for vehicles exceeding 20,100kg or 20.1 metric tons.

Noteworthy, effective December 11, 2023, all special crossings for Motor Lorries, Heavy-duty vehicles, and Heavy-duty machinery would be conducted between the period of 22:30 hrs to 04:00 hrs (10:30 pm-4:00 am).

Bookings for Restricted and Special crossings are to be made at least six (6) hours in advance.

For more information and bookings, kindly contact us by telephone: 592- 233-7008-10, 592-623-3511, or 592-623-3028.

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