Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation

Mission Statement

Providing a safe, efficient, dependable and consistent service and product of the highest quality with strategic and proactive communication systems through the operation of the Demerara Harbour Bridge and Asphalt Plant, in an eco-friendly environment.

Board of Directors

The establishment of corporate management related policies and major issues are dealt with by the Demerara Harbour Bridge’s Board of Directors.  The Board is made up of 6 members and the General Manager (Ex-Officio member), these seven members represent the interest of management and stakeholders, while ensuring resources are available and well managed to accomplish the goals set out by the company.

Team Members

Wayne Watson

General Manager
(592) 233-7008 Ext 101

Troy Halley

Maintenance Manager
(592) 233-7008 Ext 125

Jaikarran Jagnanan

Finance Manager
(592) 233-7008 ext.104

Sonya Hazel

Traffic Coordinator
(592) 233-7008 Ext 123

Ayanna Williams

Human Resources Manager
(592) 233-7008 Ext 107

Ahmad Khan

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer
(592) 233-7008 Ext 118

Andre Crowder

Electrical Maintenance Engineer
(592) 233-7008 ext. 119