Bridge Rules – Marine Traffic

All Masters, Owners and/or Agents of Marine Vessels shall comply with the following regulations:

  • The master of any vessel requiring the retractor spans of the Bridge to be opened shall communicate by radio, telephone or in writing to the Bridge Manager at least 36 hours in advance of the expected transit to inform him of his request to pass through the Bridge, including time of intended passage and other relevant particulars of the vessel.
  • The master of any Foreign vessel requiring to pass under the high span or through the retractor spans shall do so using local licensed Pilots.
  • Before proceeding into the “Bridge Zone”, the master of the vessel shall, on reaching the limits on either side of the “Bridge Zone”, raise the Bridge Manager on Very High Frequency radio on channel sixteen (16) (156.8 MHz) and maintain radio contact with him until the vessel is finally cleared through the Bridge.
  • When the Bridge is opened, notice shall be given to the vessel which shall then proceed into the “Bridge Zone” and transit.
  • Masters of all vessels shall, before passing the northern and southern limits of the “Bridge Zone”, ascertain by visual observation, radio communication or other means that the Bridge is open.
  • Shallow draught vessels with vertical clearance in excess of 7.3 meters or 24 feet, that is to say, measuring from the waterline to the uppermost projections of the vessels which cannot transit the high level span, shall be allowed to transit the retractor span.