Electrical Maintenance Engineer

Closing Date September 30, 2022 closed

Job Description and Details

The Electrical Maintenance Engineer is responsible for the overall integrity and reliability of all electrical installations, systems, and equipment for the Corporation. The Incumbent is responsible for overseeing the installation of electrical equipment, including electrical motors, machinery controls, lighting, wiring of the building, control power generation, and transmission devices and ensures that electrical systems meet statutory regulatory requirements.

The Incumbent provides technical and engineering support in the installation, testing, and maintenance of electrical equipment to ensure safety, reliability, quality, and sustainability and conducts an analysis of problems. In addition, identifies solutions and/or options and recommends new ways to use electrical power for energy efficiency. The Incumbent is also required to research, develop, and design alternative sources of energy that are environmentally sustainable and renewable.

The Electrical Maintenance Engineer is required to regularly inspect all bridge lights and cables at each junction of the bridge, as well as all electrical equipment such as air conditioning units, distributing points, lighting systems, cables, and oversees the daily operations of all computers, cameras, telephones, data and PLC system at Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation.

The Incumbent must determine on an annual basis the ‘Major Job Objectives’ for each aspect of the Work Programme of the Electrical Section and identify and discuss with Subordinates the ‘Key Results Areas’ to be used as determinants to their performance results on a quarterly basis.

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