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Job Description and Details

Responsible for performing a wide range of plant maintenance including maintaining the mechanical fitness of all plant equipment and site preparation and clean up, under close supervision.

CLEANS and GREASES equipment, general laboring, and maintenance of the Asphalt Plant.

FOLLOWS the direction of the Production Foreman while executing task for projects during asphalt production.

ASSISTS with lifting and moving of materials, tools and supplies.

MAINTAINS environ of surroundings (grass, weeds, fence, painting, shoveling).

  • CUTS grass with a brush cutter and/or cutlass and TIDIES area after.
  • RAKES, SWEEPS and SPADES leave and other debris from lawns drains, paths and driveways.
  • EDGES lawns and flower beds, using edging tools.
  • PRUNES and SHAPES shrubs and TRIMS hedges, using clippers and shears.
  • SPRAYS plants, shrubs and flowering plants with fungicide, insecticide, and herbicide.
  • WASHES the buildings in the compound.

PROVIDES assistance to the Mechanic, Welders, Electrical Technician etc.

REPORTS any problems to the Production Foreman.

ADHERES to all company policies and Occupational Safety and Health regulations.

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