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Job Description and Details

Responsible for performing a broad range of bridge maintenance, repair, maintenance assignments, site preparation and clean up, moving materials, and basic operation under close supervision.        

General bridge maintenance

Carpentry and masonry

  • Assists in constructing, erecting, and installing wooden profiles, formwork, structures, and fixtures for brickwork.
  • Assists in preparing and dressing lumber by measuring, cutting to required specifications using a variety of hand and power tools and machinery.
  • Assists in the construction of pathways and roads, and collection and disposal of waste.
  • Repairs structures such as floors, roofs, scaffolding, partitions, ceilings, and stairs using prepared lumber.
  • Maintains building and internal fixtures.
  • Assists in demolishing of buildings.

Bridge retraction

  • Receives hand signal and/or radio communication from designated worker indicating task to be done.
  • Operates equipment to open and close the retractor spans of the bridge allowing for the safe and efficient flow of marine traffic through waterways during bridge retraction daily (day and night).

Lawn maintenance

  • Cuts grass with a brush cutter and/or cutlass and tidies area after.
  • Rakes, sweeps and spades leave and other debris from lawns drains, paths and driveways.
  • Edges lawns and flower beds, using edging tools.
  • Prunes and shapes shrubs and trims hedges, using clippers and shears.
  • Sprays plants, shrubs and flowering plants with fungicide, insecticide, and herbicide.
  • Washes the buildings in the compound.

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