Marine Technician

Closing Date July 12, 2024 closed

Job Description and Details

ASSISTS with operating all marine equipment including dredge, power barge, tug, and speed boat.

ASSISTS with executing repairs and maintenance of the marine equipment including greasing entire cutter head bearing block, wire ropes, gears on hydraulics and driveshaft.

CHECKS discharge pipes, anchor pipes, and clamps to ensure they are functioning.

REMOVES/CLEARS any objects from cutterhead when dredging is being done.

ENSURES that all marine equipment is kept clean. ENSURES the boat is kept clean and tidy and ensures all water is removed by the end of the shift.

FUELS the dredge, tug with diesel, speedboat with mixed gas and power barge with gasoline and ENSURES enough fuel is always on location.

OPERATES outboard engine to remove obstacles that may be lodged during dredge operations.

PREPARES the boat prior to each trip and cleans the boat following each trip and ENSURES mooring lines are properly secured.

MAINTAINS accurate logs of activities for each trip and COMPLETES the required checklists as specified by the Mechanical Maintenance Officer.

FOLLOWS safety procedures to ensure the protection of passengers and the vessels.

CONDUCTS INSPECTIONS and REPORTS defects to Supervisor immediately.

ENSURES the environment is in compliance with all safety policies and procedures, ensuring the appropriate tools and equipment are used.

ASSISTS with other duties as assigned by the Mechanical Maintenance Officer.

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