Plant Operator

Closing Date February 24, 2024 closed

Required Qualifications and Experience

Responsible for the daily operation of the Asphalt Plant, to produce hot mix asphalt based on the mix designs used in the construction and maintenance of roadways.

ASSISTS with upkeep of the plant documentation while operating and functioning as the Plant Operator.

MAINTAINS Asphalt Plant operations to ensure timely production of quality hot mix asphalt.

CONTROLS and REGULATES the flow of material maintaining the speed of the system to ensure the plant is operating at the right temperature.

PERFORMS daily checks of the equipment functionality of the Plant and monitor to ensure planned production is achieved.

ASSISTS with the servicing of the components of the Asphalt Plant which includes changing of belts, greasing bearings etc., and maintains cleanliness of the plant.

MAINTAINING record of production which include job mix formula, temperature, and constituent material.

MAINTAINS logbook of pre and post maintenance inspections.

ASSISTS to verify specific asphalt mix ratio and enter correct mix design into the computer and monitors gauges to ensure conformance to the process specification.

COMMUNICATES and receive directions from dispatch, drivers and loader operator via radio or telephone.

COMMUNICATES all production activities with the Production Foreman in a timely manner, especially when defects are observed on the plant.

ASSISTS with ordering and maintaining inventory of plant parts and monitoring of raw materials to ensure efficient production.

ADHERES to company policies and health and safety regulations.

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