Senior Stores Clerk

Closing Date September 17, 2023 closed

Job Description and Details

 ENSURE the preparation of Stores Received Note for the receipt of goods/inventory and Stores requisition for the issuing oof items. 

Certify stock entering the stores, verify entries against orders and note discrepancies. LABELS equipment/materials received before assigning to requesting Department/Section. 

VERIFY THAT movement of materials/equipment to and from the various Departments/Sections are recorded in the Internal Stores Requisitions book. 

Verify that bin cards and goods received book are updated on a daily basis with Internal Stores Requisitions and Stores Received Note as to ensure items received and issued are accurately recorded. 

UPDATES computerized inventory of stocks and PREPARES statistics using summaries information for submission to Supervisor. 

CHECKS and UPDATES Loan Book of items distributed to and returned by Staff. 

CHECKS and UPDATES bin cards and physical balances for reconciliation with Ledger periodically e.g., monthly, mid-year and annually. 

REPORTS stock balances and specific items for purchase to Supervisor. 

MAINTAINS up-to-date records of all stock movements to ensure optimum stock levels are maintained and items are issued using the FIFO METHOD of stock valuation. 

ASSIST with the preparation of Reports on inventory e.g., variance reports etc. 

ASSIST in making sure that Store records are updated and maintained timely to facilitate the daily submission of relevant store records and information to the Accounts section within the deadlines. 

ASSIST with the updating of the Stores management Software system, and reorder levels are monitored and maintained. 

ENSURE that all relevant PERSONNEL are always inform in a timely manner, of the arrival of materials procured to execute schedule tasks. 

ASSIST with contacting with relevant departments to ensure that stock items and stock levels are appropriate to their requirements and providing Inventory balances and costing of Inventories as required. 

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