Trainee Dredge and Boat Operators

Closing Date May 31, 2023 closed

Job Description and Details

Moves levers to position dredges for excavation, to engage hydraulic pumps, to raise and lower suction booms, and to control the rotation of cutter heads.

Starts and stops engines to operate the equipment.

Start power winches that draw in or let out cables to change positions of dredges or pull in and let out cables manually.

Pumps water to clear machinery pipelines.

Lowers anchor poles to verify depths of excavations, using winches, or scan depth gauges to determine depths of excavation.

Execute dredging activities by removing siltation and marine life along the banks of the river to improve anchorage and buoyance of the bridge.

Testsruns machines and equipment; observes operation of parts; and verifies repairs.

Records problems and repairs required in the logbook. Records time and parts used on the appropriate forms.

Inspect dredge and auxiliaries and prepare reports of identified defects.

Fosters continuous improvement and continuous culture.

Maintain general housekeeping and clean-up of the worksite.

Reports to work outside of normal working hours for emergency operations.

Ensures adherence to health, safety, and environmental policies.

Reports work assignments completed to the maintenance mechanic officer.

Evaluate tools and equipment performance and perform preventative maintenance to improve cycle time.

Secures supplies, materials, and equipment for daily work.

Perform work in accordance with specifications, quality, trade standards, and observance of safety practices and for adherence to work plan.

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